Creative Challenges

Today I've prepped a few canvas's  with acrylic paint as the base.  I figured I'd do a series of 6 canvas.  The 7th is a piece going to a dear friend and fellow artist SBP.   He threw me a canvas a few weeks back and asked for Bart-Art.  I really loved the illustration and sticker of Bart I did last year and got a lot of positive feedback so I def was up for the challenge!

I also admire his ambition and dedication to art and really got inspired by him.  I haven't been living up to my potential as an artist and really want to turn things around for myself.  There is nothing more unfortunate then wasted talent, eh? 

I don't want to look back when I'm at my death bed and wallow over "shoulda, coulda, woulda's".  I'm ready to forgive myself for the years of neglect and begin my new life as an full-time artist.

Starting with 15 days can help push me towards changing my lifestyle and getting my mind wired to work better and more effectively. Practice makes perfect and with the time spent in practice I'll pick up my speed and confidence again.

The layout for a month will be 15 days of studio sessions and 15 days of commercial development and building a reputable name for myself!

There is no other way to do this besides with my own investments; time and money.  Join me along this journey of 15 day challenges and help me stay focused and committed to not wasting talents away!!

Wish me luck!!!


Well Well Well....

Yes I am still around!  Buzzing like a bee ever since I wrote last just before my big birthday bash in NOLA.  Wow that was forever ago!! By the way, that trip was priceless and a total dream!  From start to finish a complete blast off!   

Then came Summer....and Summer has come and gone so quickly.  Too quickly.  My watches came in, had a few events, sold new work, few trips out of town....and here I am, writing to try and slow down a few steps and reorganize the mission here. 

The journey is overwhelming!  No time for blogging it seems.  Well at least in the past few months I couldn't sit myself down to do it.  Perhaps I did have time, but considering writing isn't my thing, I must say it has been quite hard getting it done.   Maybe this should be more of a picture blog or a vlog.  Few experts written here and there but for the most part i'll provide you with real action and action shots.  I've got tons of photo's I haven't shared and would love to.  Stay tuned if you'd like to see where i've been and what I've been up to.

A lot of good projects on the way!  The process is the best part you know, digging deep for awhile then resurfacing and looking around at the things you've built.  Pass or fail you just must keep on pushing.

This artist journey is full of life and ever changing.   Project to project, scene to scene.  I juggle this dream alongside the realities of everyday struggle.  Whats to come in the future? Stay tuned!

Talk to you soon again



Hey all!  It’s Sha here with my updates! 

The end of winter was brutal! Wouldn’t you agree?  

We somehow managed to keep the ball rolling and didn’t let the weather get the best of us however. Event after event, long walk home in the cold after the other.  Myself and my awesome creative amigo's still managed to make things happen! #NoPainNoGain

I'm very thankful for the successful events we knocked out during March.  First Friday at 2A was a serious kick ass, followed by DJing for the launch of the No Boys Allowed Tour, and finally last week wrapped up "Raw Process" at Ella and a fabulous PBnDJs at one of my personal favorite gallery/bars Culturefix

Four events in three weeks was noooooo joke but I made it out alive and better than ever! Wouldn’t change my job(s) for the world.  I don’t know when the last time I felt such strong trajectory towards hitting my set goals.  With this sort of momentum developing,  there is nothing but up up up up from here!  Stay tuned for up coming events thru the events page. 

Spring/Summer 2014 Project

I’ve been trying to keep the specifics secret and only telling my inner circle about the details thus far but those of you who aren’t aware, this Spring/Summer I will be launching my very first product line customized with SS signature art!  I’ve been bogged down in the development stages and doing market research, contemplating which direction and which sort of product I should rock with.  I've seen a lot out there and now am very very very happy to finally have nailed down something awesome!!!!!!

A lot of work ahead but so far me and the team are putting in our all to get you this store open by the end of May!  I'm so thrilled to be working hand-n-hand with one of my favorite graphic designers and homies Iam-Rare Fuentes so keep it locked in folks! leaks tho until I'm ready for orders.  Sorry!!!!  Don't want to have all the hype with no product to follow up with so just keep your eyes peeled on the site and thru my social media for release dates. 

Thanks for Tuning in! RSVP to my next event  April 4th @2A!  

Happy Spring! 




Follow-Up Friday

Hey all!

Sha here bringing you an update on my to-do’s and artistic what-nots.

Finally launching a has been such a thrill.  I’ve been encouraged by my fans and other loved ones to focus more on access to my process and overall presentation.  I plan to thoroughly fulfill this goal and many others from here on!

There are tons of parties booked for March that you’ll be able to find on my Events page.  I’m super excited about DJing and live painting more than ever.  WARP , our members, guest and followers have been nothing but warm and encouraging.  Our events, I feel, are truly supporting the arts and music scene in a way that keeps integrity high and creativity flowing.  I’ll also be in a PBnDJ show at CultureFix on the 21st which is super rad because I’ll reunite with a lot of old friends for this one!  Be sure to check this one out and the others throughout March!

What’s going on in the studio?

                     Well…I’m joggling like 3 MAJOR projects at the time. Completing them all in a timely fashion won’t be easy, I know!But honestly after all I’ve invested there is NO turning back!I’ve come to terms with the sacrifices I need to make to be the successful independent artist I dream to be.

For those of you who think I’m always MIA, you have to understand, I work a 40 hr hotel job during very very unconventional hours all while trying to maintain my creative goals and achievement.At this point in my life there can’t be any more excuses, I can’t wake up hung over, I can’t miss deadlines or fail to make quality work.Time is of the essence and I dutifully surrender.

This is a big year! Stay tuned.