Follow-Up Friday

Hey all!

Sha here bringing you an update on my to-do’s and artistic what-nots.

Finally launching a has been such a thrill.  I’ve been encouraged by my fans and other loved ones to focus more on access to my process and overall presentation.  I plan to thoroughly fulfill this goal and many others from here on!

There are tons of parties booked for March that you’ll be able to find on my Events page.  I’m super excited about DJing and live painting more than ever.  WARP , our members, guest and followers have been nothing but warm and encouraging.  Our events, I feel, are truly supporting the arts and music scene in a way that keeps integrity high and creativity flowing.  I’ll also be in a PBnDJ show at CultureFix on the 21st which is super rad because I’ll reunite with a lot of old friends for this one!  Be sure to check this one out and the others throughout March!

What’s going on in the studio?

                     Well…I’m joggling like 3 MAJOR projects at the time. Completing them all in a timely fashion won’t be easy, I know!But honestly after all I’ve invested there is NO turning back!I’ve come to terms with the sacrifices I need to make to be the successful independent artist I dream to be.

For those of you who think I’m always MIA, you have to understand, I work a 40 hr hotel job during very very unconventional hours all while trying to maintain my creative goals and achievement.At this point in my life there can’t be any more excuses, I can’t wake up hung over, I can’t miss deadlines or fail to make quality work.Time is of the essence and I dutifully surrender.

This is a big year! Stay tuned.