Creative Challenges

Today I've prepped a few canvas's  with acrylic paint as the base.  I figured I'd do a series of 6 canvas.  The 7th is a piece going to a dear friend and fellow artist SBP.   He threw me a canvas a few weeks back and asked for Bart-Art.  I really loved the illustration and sticker of Bart I did last year and got a lot of positive feedback so I def was up for the challenge!

I also admire his ambition and dedication to art and really got inspired by him.  I haven't been living up to my potential as an artist and really want to turn things around for myself.  There is nothing more unfortunate then wasted talent, eh? 

I don't want to look back when I'm at my death bed and wallow over "shoulda, coulda, woulda's".  I'm ready to forgive myself for the years of neglect and begin my new life as an full-time artist.

Starting with 15 days can help push me towards changing my lifestyle and getting my mind wired to work better and more effectively. Practice makes perfect and with the time spent in practice I'll pick up my speed and confidence again.

The layout for a month will be 15 days of studio sessions and 15 days of commercial development and building a reputable name for myself!

There is no other way to do this besides with my own investments; time and money.  Join me along this journey of 15 day challenges and help me stay focused and committed to not wasting talents away!!

Wish me luck!!!