Well Well Well....

Yes I am still around!  Buzzing like a bee ever since I wrote last just before my big birthday bash in NOLA.  Wow that was forever ago!! By the way, that trip was priceless and a total dream!  From start to finish a complete blast off!   

Then came Summer....and Summer has come and gone so quickly.  Too quickly.  My watches came in, had a few events, sold new work, few trips out of town....and here I am, writing to try and slow down a few steps and reorganize the mission here. 

The journey is overwhelming!  No time for blogging it seems.  Well at least in the past few months I couldn't sit myself down to do it.  Perhaps I did have time, but considering writing isn't my thing, I must say it has been quite hard getting it done.   Maybe this should be more of a picture blog or a vlog.  Few experts written here and there but for the most part i'll provide you with real action and action shots.  I've got tons of photo's I haven't shared and would love to.  Stay tuned if you'd like to see where i've been and what I've been up to.

A lot of good projects on the way!  The process is the best part you know, digging deep for awhile then resurfacing and looking around at the things you've built.  Pass or fail you just must keep on pushing.

This artist journey is full of life and ever changing.   Project to project, scene to scene.  I juggle this dream alongside the realities of everyday struggle.  Whats to come in the future? Stay tuned!

Talk to you soon again